The new Oncor is going after a new target: Texas homeowners with solar panels

Dallas Morning News

by Mitchell Schnurman
If this is how the new Oncor Electric Delivery Co. plans to do business, look out, greenies.
The state’s largest regulated utility wants to add a monthly minimum charge for homeowners who have solar panels, wind turbines and storage batteries. That covers about 10,000 customers in the Oncor service area, which includes North Texas.
Oncor did not propose a separate fee for big companies with rooftop solar systems, such as Wal-Mart, Ikea and Costco. They’re already paying their …

ICE to launch first ever US LNG futures contract


The Intercontinental Exchange is to launch the first ever US LNG futures contract in May this year, it said Wednesday.
In an exchange note to customers, ICE said it planned to list the new contract on May 4, subject to completion of necessary regulatory processes.
US LNG supplies are set to grow quickly in the coming years, turning the country into a leading global supplier of destination-free, flexible LNG. …

Wind penetration on central US grid hits 52% Sunday night, breaking record

Ars Technica

by Megan Geuss
Southwest Power Pool operates transmission lines from Montana to Louisiana.

An organization that manages transmission systems across the central US announced on Tuesday that it broke a record for wind penetration in North America. On Sunday at 4:30am, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) became the first regional transmission organization (RTO) to serve 52.1 percent of its load using wind energy.
SPP also set the previous record in April 2016 with 49.2 percent wind generation. A record previous to that …

MISO to face change


MISO to face change, but how much and how quickly is unknown: CEO

While the “magnitude or speed of change” in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator’s regulatory and market future is unknown, the ISO’s top executive said Tuesday that “we do know it’s going to be different.”
During MISO’s Informational Forum, John Bear, MISO president and CEO, described how drastically MISO’s generation fleet has changed over the past 11 years, with the coal fleet falling  …

The Growing Distribution Challenge of Rural Retail


By Ralph Lieberthal

Thanks to mobility and almost constant connectivity, we can now shop anywhere at any time. While this certainly benefits all consumers, the impact on rural customers is hard to ignore. Located far from brick and mortar retailers, buying virtually anything you want online and having it delivered to your doorstep has transformed not only rural consumers’ expectations but also retail business models.
The New Distribution Dilemma
Not surprisingly, convenience has driven the appeal for rural online commerce due to the distance to physical store locations. Servicing the increasing demand of these customers, however, has turned into a losing proposition for some retailers due to the cost of delivery. To …

Houston power co. proposes divestments on FERC concerns

Houston Business Journal

Joshua Mann Reporter Houston Business Journal

Houston-based Dynegy Inc. (NYSE: DYN) responded to regulatory concerns around its upcoming $3.3 billion purchase of power generation assets from Engie SA (EPA: ENGI) with a proposal to divest some of its other assets.
Specifically, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission cited competitive concerns in two regions. The first was the ComEd Locational Delivery Area in PJM Interconnection, and the second was the the Southeastern New England capacity zone in ISO New England Inc. ComEd LDA is in the northern part of …