NRG says ERCOT reserve margins will tighten


NRG Energy said Thursday it is expecting a tightening of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas power market as new plant build delays and cancellations as well as retirements lower the reserve margin in 2018 to a projected 11.3%.
ERCOT’s reserve margin as of May 2017 was 18.9%.
In an earnings conference call, NRG Energy CEO Mauricio Gutierrez said that the 12-month average year over year weather normalized demand growth in …

Report: Shopping for electricity is getting cheaper in Texas

The Texas Tribune

by Andy Duehren
Shopping for electricity is becoming cheaper for most Texans, according to a new study from the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power. But for those who live in an area with only one electricity provider, prices have increased in a recent 10-year period, the study says.
About 85 percent of Texans can purchase electricity from a number of providers in a deregulated marketplace, while the remaining 15 percent must buy power from a single provider in their area. The report from the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power, which advocates for cities and local governments and negotiates their power …

Buffett’s Berkshire to buy Texas power transmitter Oncor

Mount Pleasant Tribune

Associated Press
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is buying the Texas power transmitter Oncor for $9 billion, one of his biggest acquisitions.
Last year, Berkshire completed its biggest acquisition in its history, a $32.36 billion deal for aviation parts maker Precision Castparts.
Oncor serves about 10 million people and is the biggest regulated utility in Texas. Its parent company, Energy Future Holdings Corp., entered bankruptcy in …

Email @ dot com, LLC: Will this suitor make it to the wedding altar unlike the previous grooms? The Texas PUC has high standards and will not let Oncor marry just any guy off the street.

ISO New England high uplift costs targeted by monitor


ISO New England’s markets were competitive in 2016, and its capacity market generally compensates for retirements, but its uplift costs were more than double that of the New York Independent System Operator, presentations slated for a stakeholder meeting Tuesday say.
During the New England Power Pool Participants Committee, Jeff McDonald, ISO New England vice president for market monitoring, and David Patton, president of Potomac Economics, ISO New England’s external market monitor, are scheduled to present their …

ERCOT forecast to set 2017 peakload record Friday at 67.8 GW


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas could see power demand reach 67.8 GW Friday, setting a new high for 2017, as Friday could be the hottest day for ERCOT this year.
The grid operator said Friday that peakload was forecast to reach 67.8 GW for the hour ending 4 pm CDT Friday, while the current record peakload for 2017 stood at 65.7 GW on June 16.
CustomWeather forecast high temperatures in …

PJM, MISO ‘very close to agreement’ on pseudo-tie language


The PJM Interconnection and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator are “very close to agreement” regarding joint operating agreement provisions to facilitate the establishment of pseudo-ties for capacity resources awarded in the former’s capacity performance auction, stakeholders heard Thursday.
During a PJM Markets and Reliability Committee meeting, Jacqulynn Hugee, PJM associate …