ERCOT reserve margins likely to dip below target: IMM


Recently announced planned retirements of 4,500 MW of generation capacity in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, plus the indefinite shutdown of another 118 MW, would likely push reserve margins below ERCOT’s target of 13.75%, ERCOT stakeholders learned Tuesday.
During the ERCOT Board of Directors meeting Tuesday, Bill Magness, ERCOT president and CEO, said his staff was working to determine whether any of the resources announced for …

Gas loses ERCOT fuel mix share to wind, coal in September


Wind and coal-fired generation’s share of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ fuel mix rose month on month in September, while natural gas-fired units’ cut slipped below 50%, a mark held for two months, as less cooling load and strong winds pushed more peaking units out of the stack, according to the grid operator.
The largest monthly increase in percentage terms came from wind generation, which rose about 5% to make up nearly 14% of the …

California ISO sees grid changes


By 2030, renewables will supply about two-thirds of California’s electricity, natural gas-fired generation will be in the process of being phased out and the West will have regional grid operators, according to a draft paper released Wednesday by the California Independent System Operator.
The paper — Electricity 2030, Trends and Tasks for the Coming Years — outlines the ISO’s expectation for a …

US DOE proposal for FERC market reforms draws heavy fire at GCPA


The US Department of Energy’s proposal that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission revamp organized power markets to compensate coal-fired and nuclear generation for their reliability and resilience attributes drew sharp criticism Tuesday at a Gulf Coast Power Association conference in Austin.
During a CEO roundtable, Pat Wood, former FERC chairman and current …

Gearing Up for Negotiation Season


By Brittany Beecroft
Negotiation pre-season is about to kick off. Annually, we should be reviewing our agreements, adjustments, and invoices (invoices are our Magic 8-Ball to reveal rates and weights). A little pre-season prep can eliminate that post-season post-audit of invoices, where you wonder where all the negotiated savings went. Prepping rate changes is like prepping a recipe — we need to know what is currently in-house, what our receipts look like, and what is on our list. …