California ISO proposes changes to flexible capacity framework


The California Independent System Operator plans to develop three flexible capacity products to help the grid operator manage a growing renewable energy fleet, according to a draft ‘framework’ released Monday.

The ISO’s current flexible capacity product is overly inclusive and could make the grid operator’s operational challenges worse by supporting largely inflexible resources at the expense and …

Analysis: Fines likely if ERCOT retirements result in blackouts


The North American Electric Reliability Corp levied $278,000 in penalties on Texas entities following the rolling blackouts imposed during the extreme cold snap of February 2011, but the consequences would likely be much heavier if another rolling blackout results from planned retirements.
In early February 2011, extreme cold caused 210 generators in the …

US FERC rejects Cal-ISO waiver affecting adequacy program


The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Tuesday rejected a California Independent System Operator request that it be allowed to keep unchanged the hours that it offers incentives for power plants and other resources being available when electric demand is highest.
The issue centers on the ISO’s “availability assessment hours,” a five-hour period that covers daily, historical peak load. The grid operator’s availability assessment hours for this year are 1 pm to 6 pm from April to October and …

UPS 2018 General Rate Increase and Other Changes


by Dave Sullivan
Effective December 24, 2017 (yes, you read that correctly), rates for UPS Ground, UPS Air, and International services as well as UPS Air Freight rates within and the between the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico will increase an average of 4.9%.
A complete analysis from Shipware will be forthcoming over the next week or so, and we will look at the impact of the rate increase in more detail. As usual, expect there to be a disconnect between the announced increase of 4.9% and reality in several key areas.
In the meantime, here are some important preliminary takeaways: …

First wave of comments on US DOE’s power market rule roll in


A tsunami of comments covering the ideological waterfront of the US Department of Energy’s contentious power market proposal flooded into the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday, a deadline set as part of the department’s aggressive 60-day timeline for final action by the commission.
Ahead of filing official comments, the power industry was quick to take sides, drawing a clear line in the sand between the positions of the coal and nuclear sectors and …

Consumers drive power market transformation: observers


The electricity sector faces consumer-driven disruptions akin to the paradigm shifts that disrupted transportation, entertainment and the newspaper industry during the 20th century, market observers said Thursday in separate presentations.
Such changes, driven by consumer demand, had impact that was both positive and negative effects. In transportation, while the problems of disposing tons of horse manure and dead …