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ISO New England high uplift costs targeted by monitor


ISO New England’s markets were competitive in 2016, and its capacity market generally compensates for retirements, but its uplift costs were more than double that of the New York Independent System Operator, presentations slated for a stakeholder meeting Tuesday say. During the New England Power Pool Participants Committee, Jeff McDonald, ISO New England vice […]

ERCOT forecast to set 2017 peakload record Friday at 67.8 GW


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas could see power demand reach 67.8 GW Friday, setting a new high for 2017, as Friday could be the hottest day for ERCOT this year. The grid operator said Friday that peakload was forecast to reach 67.8 GW for the hour ending 4 pm CDT Friday, while the […]

California oversupply volumes grow, ISO curtails more renewables


The California Independent System Operator is curtailing growing amounts of renewable generation, Mark Rothleder, the grid operator’s vice president for market quality and integrating renewables, said. Speaking Wednesday during a meeting of the Western energy imbalance market board, Rothleder said the ISO curtailed about 60,000 MWh in February and about 80,000 MWh in March, […]

ERCOT sets record wind output Friday


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas set a wind-output record of 16,141 MW Friday night, it reported on Saturday in its daily wind integration report. ERCOT said the record was set at 8:56 pm CDT Friday and wind accounted for about 39.5% of the total power demand at that time. In the real-time market, […]

The new Oncor is going after a new target: Texas homeowners with solar panels

Dallas Morning News

by Mitchell Schnurman If this is how the new Oncor Electric Delivery Co. plans to do business, look out, greenies. The state‚Äôs largest regulated utility wants to add a monthly minimum charge for homeowners who have solar panels, wind turbines and storage batteries. That covers about 10,000 customers in the Oncor service […]

Wind penetration on central US grid hits 52% Sunday night, breaking record

Ars Technica

by Megan Geuss Southwest Power Pool operates transmission lines from Montana to Louisiana.

An organization that manages transmission systems across the central US announced on Tuesday that it broke a record for wind penetration in North America. On Sunday at 4:30am, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) became the first regional transmission organization (RTO) to […]