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Report: Shopping for electricity is getting cheaper in Texas

The Texas Tribune

by Andy Duehren Shopping for electricity is becoming cheaper for most Texans, according to a new study from the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power. But for those who live in an area with only one electricity provider, prices have increased in a recent 10-year period, the study says. About 85 percent of […]

ERCOT forecast to set 2017 peakload record Friday at 67.8 GW


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas could see power demand reach 67.8 GW Friday, setting a new high for 2017, as Friday could be the hottest day for ERCOT this year. The grid operator said Friday that peakload was forecast to reach 67.8 GW for the hour ending 4 pm CDT Friday, while the […]

PJM, MISO ‘very close to agreement’ on pseudo-tie language


The PJM Interconnection and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator are “very close to agreement” regarding joint operating agreement provisions to facilitate the establishment of pseudo-ties for capacity resources awarded in the former’s capacity performance auction, stakeholders heard Thursday. During a PJM Markets and Reliability Committee meeting, Jacqulynn Hugee, PJM associate …

New York launches formal review of competitive energy markets


New York is launching an extensive review of competitive power and natural gas markets with an eye to eventual reforms that could change the way energy marketers operate in the state. Over the next several months, the New York Public Service Commission plans to hold public hearings and solicit sworn testimony to gauge what […]

PJM monitor recommends market changes for competitiveness


In the PJM Interconnection’s latest 2016 Quarterly State of the Market Report, released Thursday, the independent market monitor made three new recommendations and two modified recommendations to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of PJM markets. The energy uplift, capacity market and demand response sections of the report each have one new recommendation, while the […]

TCAP Report: Electricity Complaints Fall To New Low


R.A. Dyer Electricity complaints filed with state regulators have dropped precipitously to a new post-electric deregulation low, according to a new report by the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power. All told, Texans filed 4,835 electricity-related complaints or inquiries with the Texas Public Utility Commission during the most recent fiscal year — down from the […]