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January 2015
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ERCOT says November wind generation was highest since April 2013


Wind generation in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’s November fuel mix hit the highest point in nearly a year and a half as electricity prices made gains from last month and from 2013, according to data released by the grid operator.
ERCOT’s 2014 Demand and Energy by Month report, released Tuesday, shows net energy usage across the grid operator’s footprint totaled 24.65 million MWh in November, compared with 24.3 million MWh in…

US to appeal ruling on key FERC demand response order to Supreme Court


The Obama administration late Friday said it will appeal to the US Supreme Court a lower court ruling that tossed out a key Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order on electricity demand response.
“The FERC orders that the court of appeals set aside in this case address an integral feature of the nation’s wholesale electric-power markets under FERC’s jurisdiction — the rules for participation by demand-response resources — that is of substantial importance to the proper functioning of those markets and to…

Even on the hottest days, Texas will have the power, ERCOT report shows

Dallas Business Journal

Nicholas Sakelaris,  Staff Writer

New power generation from wind and natural gas will outpace electric demand for the next several years, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ latest report.
On the hottest summer days, ERCOT will have more than 15 percent of its electric generation capacity in reserve through 2018.
“Based on current information, ERCOT expects to have sufficient generation to keep up with demand and maintain the planning reserve margins needed to support reliable operations in…

Pennsylvania judge says spot market purchases should not be expanded for PPL customers


PPL Electric’s proposal to have power procured on the spot market for a greater number of commercial and industrial customers should be denied, an administrative law judge in Pennsylvania said in a recommended decision made public Friday.
The Allentown, Pennsylvania-based utility made the proposal in its procurement plan for service from June 1, 2015, through May 31, 2017, for customers who have not chosen a retail supplier.
PPL proposed that the threshold size for customers who have power procured on the spot market be…

Finding Common Ground: UPS Announces Rate Hikes that Could Complicate Shippers’ Plans


By Brandon Staton

Remember college? Specifically, do you remember getting those assignments that you just looked at and thought, “Huh?”
We’ve all been there.
And after reminding you that Happy Hour was not a major, your parents may have added: “This isn’t rocket science!” Well, not technically, no. But after UPS announced its customary price hikes Tuesday, which will send Ground, Air and International rates 4.9 percent higher, on average, effective December 29, you might be hard pressed to…

US edges closer to energy independence


by John Timmer

Demand outstripped supply by the lowest level in 30 years.

The net energy consumption of the US has held fairly steady for nearly 20 years. Over the past decade, however, there’s been a large increase in production of energy within the US. As a result, the US government’s energy figures for the first half of this year show that the differences between production and consumption have dropped to the lowest level in 29 years. This represents a net drop in energy imports by 17 percent compared to the same period a year earlier.
According to the Energy Information Agency, the boost in energy production came from a variety of…