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Proposed ERCOT rule could boost RMR energy price 10 times


If a Houston-area generator under an Electric Reliability Council of Texas reliability-must-run contract were dispatched to resolve a transmission constraint, the price would be about 10 times its current price cap under a rule hotly debated by stakeholders Thursday.
At issue is Nodal Protocol Revision Request 784, addressing mitigated offer caps for RMR units, which was tabled for a month by ERCOT’s Protocol Revision Subcommittee on …

Coal-fired power burn jumps 54%


Coal-fired power burn jumps 54% month on month in May: ERCOT
Coal-fired power burn in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas totaled 7.3 TWh in May, up 53.5% from 4.8 TWh in April, according to ERCOT’s latest Demand and Energy report, released on Friday.
Total energy rose 13.9% to 28.5 TWh in May, an increase of 3.5 TWh from a month earlier.
With the rise in coal-fired power burn outpacing growth in total electricity generation, coal …

TCAP: Low-Cost Deals on Rise, But …


TCAP: Low-Cost Deals on Rise, But Average Electric Prices Historically Higher with Deregulation
Residents in Houston and Dallas can choose among a growing number of competitive electricity deals with prices that meet or beat prices in deregulation-exempt areas of the state, according to a new report from the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power.
What remains unclear, however, is whether the surge of low-cost individual deals in competitive areas of Texas signals a reversal of a long-term trend of higher average prices there.
From 2002 through 2014 the imputed “lost savings” from higher average electric prices in areas with retail electric competition exceeds $24 billion. …

Hunt, Investors Back Out of Oncor Purchase Deal

The Texas Tribune

by Johnathan Silver
A Dallas oil family is going back to the drawing board after determining it can’t go forward with its current plan for buying Oncor, the state’s largest electric utility, an attorney for the group told the Texas Public Utility Commission in a Wednesday filing.
Ray L. Hunt’s family had gathered investors in an $18 billion deal to purchase Oncor and convert it into a tax-friendly real estate investment trust. The deal, had it gone …

ERCOT’s summer 2016 reserves shrinking


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ latest Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy shows a dwindling level of reserves in excess of forecast summer peakload, compared with December and March forecasts for this summer, but officials say it is “enough.”
On Tuesday, ERCOT released its final SARA for the summer of 2016, preliminary SARA for the …

Energy Future Holdings Files Second Bankruptcy Plan

The Texas Tribune

by Jim Malewitz
Energy Future Holdings, Texas’ largest power company, is going back to the drawing board in its efforts to emerge from one of the largest corporate bankruptcies in American history.
The conglomerate filed a second plan to shed tens of billions of dollars of debt on Sunday, five months after a Delaware bankruptcy judge approved an original plan that fizzled. …