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Up next for ERCOT decision is cost-benefit study

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

The Public Utility Commission is seeking a cost-benefit analyses ahead of its vote on Lubbock joining the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, so for the next few weeks the impacted electric pools will meeting to determine exactly what that study will look like.
The impacted electric managers …

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bidding to buy Oncor Electric

Dallas Business Journal

Bill Hethcock Staff Writer Dallas Business Journal
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has submitted a bid for Oncor Electric Delivery, joining NextEra Energy Inc. in the pursuit of a company viewed by power industry experts as Energy Future Holdings Corp.’s crown jewel, according to published reports.
Energy Future Holdings, which is operating in bankruptcy, is mulling offers that value its Oncor subsidiary at about $18 billion, according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, which first reported the story. Bloomberg’s sources asked not to be identified because the information is private. …

ERCOT working on generation-related seams issues


Electric Reliability Council of Texas stakeholders will spend the next few weeks discussing how to resolve issues about 4,159 MW of generation along ERCOT’s seams that can switch from supplying ERCOT to another market and vice versa.
During Wednesday’s ERCOT Wholesale Market Subcommittee meeting, Bill Blevins, ERCOT grid operations director, presented a …

PUC seeking cost-benefit analysis in LP&L move to ERCOT

Lubbock Avalanche-Jounal

Lubbock’s search for a new power source elsewhere in Texas is taking another step forward.
The Public Utility Commission of Texas this week indicated it will seek a cost-benefit analysis before making its decision on whether Lubbock can connect with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas grid. …

MISO energy markets efficient, capacity markets not: monitor


The Midcontinent Independent System Operator’s energy markets operated competitively and efficiently in 2015, but its capacity market has not provided “efficient economic signals to facilitate investment, retirement and capacity import/export decisions,” MISO’s independent market monitor said Tuesday.
David Patton, president of Potomac Economics, MISO’s IMM, told stakeholders during Tuesday’s Market Subcommittee that the “price-cost markup” for energy was “essentially zero.” …

Proposed ERCOT rule could boost RMR energy price 10 times


If a Houston-area generator under an Electric Reliability Council of Texas reliability-must-run contract were dispatched to resolve a transmission constraint, the price would be about 10 times its current price cap under a rule hotly debated by stakeholders Thursday.
At issue is Nodal Protocol Revision Request 784, addressing mitigated offer caps for RMR units, which was tabled for a month by ERCOT’s Protocol Revision Subcommittee on …